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The Vivexotic Viva Bearded Dragon Starter Kit is designed to create a suitable environment and a permanent home for up to 2 Bearded Dragons.

  • Stylish oak finish with optional matching cabinet available separately

  • Top panel features an inset mesh to establish the correct, safe position for a basking lamp

  • Ventilation system incorporated into the back of the Vivarium

  • Sliding glass doors with slide stopper to prevent escapes

  • Two internal shelves ideally positioned to provide safe basking areas

  • Dark, cave-like area to simulate natural desert light and shade

Starter kit contains:

1 x Vivexotic Viva Bearded Dragon Vivarium

1 x Exo Terra Sun Glo Basking Lamp 100W

1 x Exo Terra T8 Ballast Unit 30W

1 x Exo Terra Medium Glo Light

2 x Exo Terra Digital Thermometers

1 x Exo Terra Repti Glo 10% Fluorescent Bulb 30W

1 x Exo Terra Repti Glo 2% Fluorescent Bulb 30W

2 x Sandpaper Mats

Dimensions (mm): Width 1150, Depth 490, Height 434 (1079 including optional cabinet)

Not suitable for bearded dragon hatchlings under 20cms in total length.

Food, decor, feeding & water dishes should be purchased separately.


4Ft VivExotic DELUXE Bearded Dragon Set Up

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