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to Skewen Tortoise Centre

Your favourite pet at affordable prices

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​We only supply highest quality captive bred tortoises

to the public. We stock the most popular breeds in

the U.K such as Hermann's, Spur-thighed and the

most popular choice is the Horsfield tortoise. 
We also offer for sale tropical species like Leopards,

Red foots and Sulcatas.  All can make ideal pets

providing you have the right accommodation for

them, all of which we can advice you on and supply.

If you are interested in buying a tortoise, please have a look at our tortoises for sale.

For anyone thinking of purchasing a tortoise you can rest assured you will be dealing with a tortoise expert on the phone or in person when you deal with us.

Note: This site is for information and advertising only, we do not sell live animals online and we do not post them out. All purchases are made IN-STORE ONLY. 

We also have......


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Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon

Crickets Locusts Mealworms Morio worms

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Frozen Reptile Food
Frozen Reptile Food

Pinkie 20p Mice small 40p Mice med 50p Mice lg 60p Rats pups 36p Rats fuzzy 64p Rat weaner Lg £1 Rat med £1.40 Rat Lg £1.65 and many more amazing offers!!!!

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Vivexotic Gecko Starter Kit
Vivexotic Gecko Starter Kit

- Supplied ready assembled in an oak finish. - 2 ventilation slots ensure a steady flow of air throughout the vivarium. - Mesh cover provides correct position for sun lamp. - Sliding glass doors. 62.2 x 38.1 x 32.2 cm

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Crickets Locusts Mealworms Morio worms

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Frozen Mice & Rats

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